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May 18-21, Bildungswerk Alanus Werkhaus, Alfter, Germany

Your Hosting Team

This is a call to SPT practitioners to come together for an inspiring weekend to explore the emerging future by sharing ideas, connecting with each other through movement and dialogue, and co-creating new possibilities for action. 

The intention is to hold a space to deepen our SPT practices and allow impressions, images and ideas to arise in large and small group “Movalogues”*, using these discoveries as the basis for the next steps of our individual and collective journey.

The 4-day gathering will be designed along the framework of the Theory U (Sensing-Presencing-Crystallizing) with flexibility to allow the field and its flow to develop and guide us along the way.

The Movalogue will be held from 18-21 May 2018 near Cologne, Germany on the beautiful campus of Alanus College, known for its humanistic and innovative approaches to education, the arts and the environment.  

Using Arawana Hayashi’s reference to the root meaning of “theater” as a place where something significant becomes visible, we aim to enhance the visibility of SPT through this shared experience.

Let’s lean, nudge, step, slide, reach, stretch, jump, move and yes, DANCE into the future that is waiting to be known!


  • Deepen and strengthen the foundations of our SPT practice

  • Share successes, challenges, insights and ideas from participants’ experiences using SPT methodologies and exercises

  • Discover ways participants can work together during the weekend and afterwards

  • Explore the unknown, co-create and dance into the emerging future

This the place for you to be if you:

  • have basic or advanced SPT experience

  • are curious to explore it further

  • long to connect with other SPT practitioners

  • want to co-create a greater network

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*Movalogue: an emerging form of dialogue that involves movement, space and shapes.

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